Why The B-52 Produces So Much Smoke!

Why The B-52 Produces So Much Smoke! | World War Wings Videos

Wikimedia CC / William Lewis

So Much Smoke

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress has been a staple of the US Air Force for over six decades, playing a significant role in modern warfare. However, one distinct characteristic of this jet is the thick black smoke emitting from its engines.

Wikimedia CC / William Lewis

The aircraft is powered by eight Pratt & Whitney J57 turbojet engines and was considered state-of-the-art when first introduced.

Wikimedia CC / William Lewis

However, they’re now outdated. While these engines are known for their durability and their reliability, they’re also incredibly notorious for the black smoke they emit. 

Wikimedia CC / Balon Greyjoy

One main reason for the smoke is that it emits inefficient fuel combustion. The engine’s design resulted in incomplete combustion, leading to the emission of unburned fuel particles appearing as black smoke. 

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