Here’s Your Only Chance To See A Bear Doing A Preflight Check

Here’s Your Only Chance To See A Bear Doing A Preflight Check | World War Wings Videos

FLY8MA / YouTube

Alaskan bush pilots are a different breed of aviators. Unlike regular pilots who have a designated, flat and perfect tarmac to land on (a.k.a. airport), these folks land anywhere. Mountain tops, valleys, riverbeds or backyards, bush pilots can put their birds down in any terrain as they typically fly Piper Cubs or Cessna 170s that are light, maneuverable and have a low stall speed.

In the video below, you’ll see two such pilots who took their Cessna 170 on a once in a lifetime expedition. It’s 12 minutes long (although we just showed you the clip of the curious bear up top) but it’s worth a watch. This extremely adventurous couple decided to fly from Alaska to Florida but once they got there, decided to hit up all the 50 states.

Their plan is also extremely detailed. Since both of them are flight instructors, they’re both promoting their business and allow people to follow them as they go. They have YouTube, Instagram and Facebook accounts cataloguing their trip and you can even track them live via GPS.

A picture of an old, stock Cessna 170. | John Karns / Public Domain

Now that’s a plan we could all get behind.

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