BIG TANK ENGINES and LOUD Sound | World War Wings Videos

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Pretty Insane Tank Engines

During wars, tanks played a significant factor. They played an important weapons system and were used in some of the most critical battles during these conflicts. Tanks had key roles in turning the tide during wars.

This footage shows big tank engines in crazy cold start, and cranking up the sound. Tanks also emit smoke- a design feature meant to confuse antitank rockets. If you’re wondering, tanks aren’t affected by the smoke since they’re using thermal vision to navigate.

Personally, we think that the Tiger has one of the loudest and more terrifying sounds. In fact, if a more modern engine was used, it would have scared off anything it encountered on the battlefield. What a beast!

These are pretty insane tank engines, and we hope you enjoy watching this 10-minute video of tanks start-up.

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