Blue Angels Grant A Paraplegic With Terminal Cancer His Wish

Blue Angels Grant A Paraplegic With Terminal Cancer His Wish | World War Wings Videos

This Is Really Beautiful.

We show you folks a lot of Blue Angels clips on both our site and Facebook page. These guys have been around since the end of World War II and have been displaying excellence ever since. They’re devoted, professional and all round masters of the skies.

On May 22nd, 2016, they also proved they have a heart of gold. Be careful as this story might make you tear up so make sure you’re not in public when you watch this. You’ve been warned.

Blair Keeling was only 17 when an awful accident rendered him a paraplegic. Since then, he’s been at home and been taken care of by his home nurse, Sharon Taulbee. Over the years, she’s become a close family friend.

Now 53, Blaire was dealt another blow. He has terminal cancer and only weeks to live. His biggest wish he always said, was to see the Blue Angels.

“To see the Blue Angels before I die, that’s been my biggest wish ever.”-Blair Keeling

With no time to waste, Taulbee and his family made it possible for him to leave the house and get to the nearest airshow via ambulance. As you can imagine, that was already one of the grandest things for him.

They wheeled him out the back and so he can see the planes fly over when the Blue Angels went on. Before they did however, they did something else for him too.

Check out the video and we’re looking forward to your comments. We think this is one of the most touching Blue Angels moments ever.

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