BREAKING | Cellphone Footage Of Train Crash Shows Horrible Aftermath

BREAKING | Cellphone Footage Of Train Crash Shows Horrible Aftermath | World War Wings Videos

Christy Lynn

The Investigation Is Still Underway

On the morning of June 28th, 2016, two freight trains collided in a small Texan town of Panhandle. Both trains contained two crew members each, one of whom jumped out right before the collision.

NY Daily News and ABC7 were the first to report from the scene. Also, the video below captured by a motorist driving by the scene shows black, billowing smoke rising above the wreckage. Twisted boxcars can be seen in photos as fire departments from multiple counties try to subdue the fire.

“You have two engines on each train with fuel and the eastbound train had stopped in the Amarillo yard and may have had extra fuel added for the trip out east.”-DPS Sgt. Dan Buesing

According to news reports, nearby residents were asked to evacuate from their homes and businesses due to the fear that the smoke will harm them. They will not be able to go back to their homes until the fire is put out and any environmental damage is assessed.

One crew member was sent to a nearby hospital. Emergency responders are still looking for the three remaining workers who were involved in the crash. As of right now, authorities don’t know how the trains ended up on the same track.

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