BREAKING | Firefight In Which Navy SEAL Died Extremely Intense

BREAKING | Firefight In Which Navy SEAL Died Extremely Intense | World War Wings Videos

Thank You For Your Sacrifice.

This video of one of the biggest firefights in recent years came to us from The Guardian. On May 3rd, 2016, U.S. Navy SEAL Charlie Keating IV received a “unsurvivable wound” while fighting against an ISIS group storming a small Christian village.

According to reports, the village was fortified but ISIS fighters plowed through the barricades and began firing. Another U.S. Spec Ops team was already there, but the assault got them pinned down as more than 100 insurgents had them severely outnumbered. There were only a dozen of them there.

As the video shows, the SEAL team, as part of a Quick Reaction Force (QRF), was sent in to rescue the others in trouble. A massive firefight emerged as you’ll be able to hear. During it, Keating was killed.

He came from a family of warriors. His great-grandfather served during World War I while his grandfather, Charles Keating Jr., was a naval pilot during World War II. The red, white and blue ran through all their veins.

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