Breaking It Down – How Likely Are You To Die In A Plane Crash?

Breaking It Down – How Likely Are You To Die In A Plane Crash? | World War Wings Videos



Fear of flying is a natural occurrence for many people when they get on an airplane. You’re being dragged out of your comfort zone and taken a mile up into the sky so there is some cause for concern. But in the event of the worst how likely are you die if you end up crashing in an airliner.

First of all, airliners aren’t the cushiest places in the world because they are in fact designed for safety rather than comfort. Research has shown that only two out of every one million flights tend to suffer accidents and even then planes are suited for the worst.

Truth be told, airliners undergo a lot of testing to ensure their safety for the hundreds of weary passengers onboard. The seats that aren’t built for comfort are held in an upright position to align the body against impacts that could cause traumatic injury or death. The location in the aircraft where you are seated has also been shown to help reduce injury with the rear of the plane being a safer location.

The truth is that you don’t have a very likely chance of dying while flying and even if you do crash you are still pretty safe and sound. If you don’t believe me then check out the research in this fun and informative video from Life Noggin.

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