BREAKING | Russian And U.S. Ships Almost Collide Causing Media Frenzy

BREAKING | Russian And U.S. Ships Almost Collide Causing Media Frenzy | World War Wings Videos


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Media outlets exploded today as an incident in the easter Mediterranean sea further raised tensions between Russia and the United States. Two ships, USS Gravely and Yaroslav Mudry, came within 55 feet of each other, clearly breaking international law.

The incident happened on June 17th, 2016, however the video you’re about to see did not surface until today. Having looked at it, it’s difficult to deduce who was at fault as the horizon and water ripples are deceiving.

These close calls happen routinely in every area where both countries are present. Three months ago two Russian Su-24s buzzed USS Donald Cook breaking yet another international law. The whole incident was leaked on the internet and you can see it below.


Alluding back to the video, you can interpret it either way you want. It seems like the Russian ship was banking toward the U.S. cruiser, however, if you switch your perspective you can trick your mind into thinking the U.S. ship cut them off. The media believe it or not (insert smirk here), did the same.

While researching the incident, we came across two major sources which covered this story. CNN and RT which of course had two different opinions about it, so feel free to click the links to read both of them for comparison. They’re practically identical, but…switched.

Feel free to discuss your opinions on the matter. Ours is that these guys were messing around as always while the media is trying to blow it out of proportion to push their political agenda and pit everyone against each other. Any one who served says this sort of thing happens quite often.

Watch SU-24s Come Within FEET Of USS Donald Cook


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