BREAKING | Vets Want To Ban Blue Angels–Reason Is SHOCKING

BREAKING | Vets Want To Ban Blue Angels–Reason Is SHOCKING | World War Wings Videos

You Wouldn’t Expect To Hear That From THEM.

Although this quite controversial stance comes just weeks after the tragic crash that took Blue Angel Captain Jeff Kuss’ life, it’s completely unrelated. It does however strike a chord with people that it is such close proximity to that event, as both the Blue Angels and the people who support them are still hurting.

Tim Keenan, president of Chapter 50 of Veterans for Peace, doesn’t mind taking that position right now however. Based out of Traverse City, MI, he and his supporters are advocating world wide peace. That’s all well and good in our book, but what does it have to do with the price of coffee?

The leaders of Chapter 50
The leaders of Chapter 50

What we mean by that is that veterans especially, should understand the importance of what the Blue Angels do and what they stand for. By the same token, they’re also against the Thunderbirds. Here’s the mission statement we found on their website:

These military demonstration teams draw tens of thousands of visitors to an already overcrowded city during the annual Cherry Festival. The planes emit tons of CO2, violate the city noise ordinance, disturb the young, old and those with PTSD and they cost taxpayers over $100 million per year. Further, the crowds overextend our first responders and overtax our limited infrastructure. Stand with me in asking the city commission to restore a measure of purity to our town.

Yup, a bunch of veterans are trying to ban two of the best aerobatic teams in the world because of CO2 emissions and a little noise. Not to mention that their small town that gets “overcrowded” gets a such an influx of money pumped into their economy that even the 4th of July festival organizer Trevor Tkach spoke out.

“The air shows and the Blue Angels are the most popular event that we have at the National Cherry Festival,” he said. Speaking to people around town, he said that everyone waits for the Blue Angels to come for the festival as it’s the most exciting thing that happens during the year.

For Keenan however, they’re instruments of war and have no place flying over a city. That’s a direct quote. As a veteran, we’d figure he’d give more thought to “instruments” that save grunts on a daily basis.

Feel free to discuss this in our comments section, but we feel like there’s pretty much one way to look at this.

Also, we found an awesome video of a Blue Angel sneak pass during this particular event. Why would you want to ban that?

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