Refueling An Osprey Looks Like A Beautiful Nightmare

Refueling An Osprey Looks Like A Beautiful Nightmare | World War Wings Videos

Tell Us We’re Wrong.

You might be wondering what we meant by that headline, so let us explain. This is beautiful for many reasons.

Firstly, the whole setting is definitely gorgeous and anyone who has ever flown will tell you that flying through the sky is quite and experience. Flying above the clouds and seeing the ground way below you is a sight everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

Also, seeing one of our aircraft refueling another is also a beautiful sight to see. The well oiled machine that is our military makes us all feel safe. The strategy and efficiency of our air crews is unmatched, so we can all sleep well at night.

Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey first flew in 1989 but was introduced to the USMC and USAF in 2007.

As for the nightmare part, well, the whole setup of the Osprey looks like a dangerous design to begin with. We’ve shown you a few mishaps of air to air refueling before, but with jets and helicopters it’s a bit different. Sure, the task is the same, but as opposed to the Osprey, the other two don’t have two enormous propellers whipping by the receptacle.

This is the only aircraft in our inventory that has our crews worrying about that and although such a soft hose and/or basket might not do much damage if it came loose (it’s happened plenty of times before), but who knows? Ospreys aren’t the most stable of aircraft looking at their incident history.

You have to admit that looks mighty uncomfortable to perform though. In any case, good job to our airmen!

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