Bud Nosen P-51 Quarter Scale RC Mustang

Bud Nosen P-51 Quarter Scale RC Mustang | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Rc Plane Display

Still Worth It?

If you’ve been an RC warbird enthusiast for a few years, then you’ve probably heard of the Bud Nosen Mustang.

Four decades ago, this Mustang became the first giant-scale warbird model kit available on the market. The mostly-wooden RC plane weighs 40 lbs and has a wingspan of 8 ft, perfect for its 3W 80 ccm engine.

Despite being a fairly old kit, the Bud Nosen Mustang actually sounds and performs way better than some kits we have available today. 

The RC aircraft also handles pretty well in the air, a testament to how well-made the kit was.

Check out how good this Mustang looks in the video below!

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