C-130 Tries To Peek Its Nose Into Another C-130 – Crazy Close

C-130 Tries To Peek Its Nose Into Another C-130 – Crazy Close | World War Wings Videos

Matthias Finet / YouTube

Now That, My Friends, Is Cool.

We’ve seen some close flying, but nothing like this, especially with two transport planes such as the C-130 Hercules. We might be wrong, but we’re guessing this might have been one of those photo-ops where one plane takes pictures of another for some sort of web and/or print marketing materials. We’ve seen it done in a similar fashion with a Super Hornet and Typhoon, so it makes sense.

The 15th Air Transport Wing was formed in August of 1946, shortly after World War II.

According to the description of this video, the planes in the shot are part of the 15th Air Transport Wing which is part of the Belgian Armed Forces. It’s responsible for training and operates 11 Lockheed C-130s as well as other aircraft and is mostly used for transport.

When watching the video, notice not only the distance between the planes but the small to massive movement fluctuations between the planes. They were operating safetly, but it takes some guts to fly that close to one another. Either way, great job to everyone involved.

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