Huge C-17 Lands At Wrong Airport

Huge C-17 Lands At Wrong Airport | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / The Webb Works

A Grand Entrance

Do you remember that time a C-17 landed on a comutter airport? That incident happened at the tiny Peter O. Knight airport in 2012.

That day, a USAF C-17 cargo plane was on its way to MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida, from Italy. The pilots of the C-17 were apparently so tired after a 12-hour flight that they opted to land the giant at a small airport.

YouTube / The Webb Works

The flight originated in Rome, Italy and was assigned only an hour before flight time. It was a 12-hour flight that went through six time zones and even included an in-flight aerial refueling!

Funnily enough, the MacDill AFB and the small airport’s runways are both laid out the same way – just four miles apart.  Because of this, this incident was not the first time pilots have mistaken the airport for MacDill.

YouTube / The Webb Works

Putting everything aside, the pilots’ ability to bring the 200-ton C-17 to a safe landing with only that much runway was remarkable, to say the least.

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