Chart Comparing Bomber Sizes Will Make Your Head Spin

Chart Comparing Bomber Sizes Will Make Your Head Spin | World War Wings Videos

The B-52 Stratofortress Is Not The Biggest.

We always like showing you folks something new. Like you, we’re aviation nuts so all we think about is how to present cool facts and videos to get younger generations interested in the topic. Here, we just wanted to present the insane differences in bomber different sizes.

For the sake of simplicity, as there are dozens upon dozens of bombers, we narrowed this list down to these by using the following criteria. The bombers in this infographic are U.S. made, built between 1938 and present that were most produced during the decade. We graded the size of them by the length of their wingspan rounded to the nearest foot. That’s about it.
Let us know if you’d want to see another infographic like this. We were thinking of doing either European bombers or maybe comparing fighters like the Corsair to an F-16 for example. We only make these things if you guys enjoy them, so drop us a line on Facebook with any ideas you might have.

Thanks and we hope you enjoyed this.

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