Commander Tries Punishing Airman, But Gets A Response That Shut Him Up

Commander Tries Punishing Airman, But Gets A Response That Shut Him Up | World War Wings Videos

Hopefully Your Kids Will Never Catch On To This Tactic.

After an incredibly long flight, a C-5 crew finally got to their destination, namely, the cold and snowy airbase in Thule, Greenland. The crew was tired after an 8 hour flight, plus agitated because they knew they were only in for a brief stop before continuing on.

Top top things off, their Aircraft Commander was a real hardass (surprise, surprise) and not in the best mood himself, so someone was bound to get a good lashing anyway, just because.


The crew was getting the cargo in order in a well organized fashion as to avoid his wrath, when an issue came to light. The aircraft’s sewage holding tank was almost full and needed to be emptied before departure. If not, you can only imagine how that flight back was going to go.

With nightfall just around the corner and almost everyone who didn’t need to be outside tucked warmly inside the base, the Commander demanded that an airman be immediately sent to empty the tank. He didn’t have time to wait.

After about fifteen minutes there was still no sign of him, so the commander made another call, this time more angrily, to see where the crew was.  These guys were gonna get it when they arrived!

He was calmly told the truck was on its way and since there was lots of snow on the ground, it might take longer than usual. Safety first, right?

Upon arriving, the Commander actually got dressed and went outside to give the septic guys a nice talk.

Commander: “Where the hell were you guys, we needed this done by now!”

The septic crew responded, calmly as ever,

“We got here as soon as we could.”

They gave no other explanation.

The Commander went back inside to see if his own crew was messing anything up but all was well onboard. Peeking outside though, he saw the Airmen taking their sweet time, pumping the tank as slowly as they possibly could (in his opinion.)

Beside himself, he stormed out again, this time in fury.

Commander: “You call this working? I’ll make sure you receive such a punishment you’ll be sorry you were ever born.”

The Airman turned around to face him, and again in an unhindered voice said,

“I have no stripes, SIR! It’s also night, I’m in Greenland, it’s 10 below zero and I’m pumping crap out of a plane. How exactly are you going to punish me?”

The Commander went back onboard and waited for them to finish.

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