Despite Their Best Efforts The US Navy Confirms The Inevitable

Despite Their Best Efforts The US Navy Confirms The Inevitable | World War Wings Videos

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The United States Navy is the most capable force in the world with a fleet boasting hundreds of ships and numerous aircraft. Boasting an annual budget of nearly $380 billion the US Navy is well-supplied to ensure success. However, despite all the plentiful resources, the US Navy has come forward to admit many of their greatest weaknesses.

The cause of concern was revealed the US Navy released their Strategic Readiness Review (SRR). The reports show that despite their best efforts the Navy is not as well suited for combat as they would have hoped for and needs to establish that readiness as a priority. Much of the leadership has been put into question as far too many naval vessels experiences avoidable collisions. In summation, the Navy has hit their limit as numbers dwindle and morale begins to fall.

“Many of these deficiencies have been observed and authoritatively documented for years, however, the naval capacity that had been built up for the Cold War masked their impact.”

– Strategic Readiness Review

The public perception of the Navy hasn’t helped much as the collisions make headlines and certain pilots decide to draw crude images in the sky. The Strategic Readiness Review has set out several recommendations in order for things to get back on track mainly prioritizing the Navy to become a true learning organization.

“Simultaneously, Navy leaders accumulated greater and greater risk in order to accomplish the missions at hand, which unintentionally altered the Navy’s culture and, at levels above the Navy, distorted perceptions of the readiness of the fleet.”

– Strategic Readiness Review

One could only hope for the best to ensure the success of the Navy in the future. What are your thoughts on the matter, does the US Navy really need change?

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