Drones Swarmed And Grounded An F-22 – So Many Of Them

Drones Swarmed And Grounded An F-22 – So Many Of Them | World War Wings Videos

That’s Gotta Sting.

The F-22 Raptor is one of the most powerful fighters in the U.S. Air Force and taking it down is not easy. Despite its power, an F-22 was grounded by a swarm of drones, honey bee drones to be exact. Over 20,000 honey bees thought the jet’s exhaust nozzle would make a great location for their new hive. Members of the Joint Base Langley-Eustis maintenance crew discovered the hive during a routine inspection and were forced to leave.

“The honey bees most likely came from a much larger bee hive somewhere else on base. Bee hives are constantly growing and they eventually become overcrowded. Around springtime, the bees will make a new queen, scout for a new location and take half of the hive with them to that location.”

The local insect expert was unable to take care of the situation. However, retired Navy member and part-time beekeeper Andy Westrich came to the aid of fellow servicemen. Westrich vacuumed eight pounds of bees and safely transported them to a local brewery where their honey will flavor beer.

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