TBM Avenger Mass Engine Run At Night!

TBM Avenger Mass Engine Run At Night! | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / AirshowStuffVideos

This is how you end an airshow!

While others might want to cozy up on their couches at night, some warbird enthusiasts opted to stay outside to hear eight TBM Avengers run their engines simultaneously. 

The Avengers were part of the 2021 TBM Avenger Reunion at Illinois Valley Airport, which also featured Corsairs and other WWII-era warbirds. As you might have guessed, the sound of eight R2600 engines is like music to the ears!

Though only eight can be seen here, there were actually two more of these rare warbirds during the main event. You can also watch AirshowStuffVideos’ next video which shows these Avengers starting up their engines, taxiing, and taking off.

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