Enormous NATO Tiger RC Model Rips Through The Sky

Enormous NATO Tiger RC Model Rips Through The Sky | World War Wings Videos


RC Tiger Claws.

The NATO Tigers have some of the coolest looking fighters around. The group is known across Europe for decorating their F-16s with incredibly detailed tiger stripes and other embellishments to make their jets noticeable from miles away. Once a year groups of European Tiger pilots will gather to conduct practice exercises and unite in their long-standing traditions of their group.

“NATO Tiger Meet (NTM) is an annual multinational exercise that gathers squadrons sporting Tiger (or feline) emblems. Among the highlights of the meeting, is the fact that combat planes and helicopters often sport spectacular color schemes, making the event a treat for all aviation enthusiasts.”

One of their biggest fans went ahead and brought the full glory of the NATO Tigers to an RC model. This RC model is enormous and tears through the sky with amazing speed. The deep valley makes a perfect location for showing what this remote control tiger can really do. Check out this video RCHeliJet and watch this RC Tiger bare its claws and tear through everything in its path.

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