Evolution of the Chinook

Evolution of the Chinook | World War Wings Videos

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What an Engineering Marvel

Known as one of the most iconic planes of all time, the Chinook remains a valuable asset in the field of aviation. It had a proven track record of being vital in the field, with only a few alternatives fulfilling the same role.

The Chinook’s origins date back to the 1950s when the US Army wanted to expand its fleet of rotary-wing aircraft. After initial tests, the US Army designated the plane CH-47A, aka the Chinook, first entering limited use in 1962. It then entered large-scale service in 1965 and was sent over to Vietnam as medium transport. During that time, its ability to carry heavy equipment such as artillery was unmatched by other helicopters during that era, including the Huey.

Several models were also made such as the CH-47B, CH-47C, MH-47D, CH-47F or Foxtrot, and the MH-47 G, which is the most modern Chinook variant aimed at Special Forces use.

Over the years, the Chinook’s design significantly improved to the stealth fighter planes we often come across today. However, it still managed to retain its core features from 60 years ago.

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