F-4s So Low They Part Water With Their Exhaust

F-4s So Low They Part Water With Their Exhaust | World War Wings Videos

Just Spec-To-The-Tacular.

Sometimes the best things in life happen by accident, which is what happened here. This isn’t a life changing event or anything of the sort, but for hardcore aviation buffs like ourselves, we feel like we hit a goldmine with this video.

Sadly, we found almost no information as to who recorded this or where (although we’re suspecting this is near Reno, Arizona.) What is important however, is that whoever recorded and edited this did not make the biggest blunder of every crappy aviation video, no matter how good the visuals are.

What is that you ask? NO MUSIC. For some reason, most Youtube uploaders think that adding the theme song of Top Gun or their favorite death metal song enhances the video. This guy, as we do, knew that it does not. It renders such movies unwatchable. If you’re reading this, we just want to say “thank you” for letting us feast not only our eyes on this great cinematography but also our ears on their engine sounds.

As for the topic on hand here, we’ve never seen F-4 Phantoms this close to the water surface in our lives. They whizz by from water to shore and vice versa, sending ripples down the lake.

Check it out, it’s absolutely spectacular.

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