F35 Lightning low in the snow at the Mach Loop – 4K

F35 Lightning low in the snow at the Mach Loop – 4K | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Dafydd Phillips


Wicked Footage 

The F-35 Lightning II is an American single-seat, single-engine, multi-role combat aircraft. It features amazing stealth technology, advanced sensors, weapons capacity, and range, making it one of the most deadly, survivable, and connected fighter aircraft ever made. 

This footage features the F-36 low in the snow at the Mach Loop. Set against the snowy backdrop, enough lighting, and excellent planes flown by the pilots from the 495th Valkyries, Lakenheath. We love how the snow adds a beautiful contrast to the F-35 buzzing by. 

Got to say, there’s nothing like the sound of a fighter aircraft at full scream. It definitely triggers an adrenaline rush. We absolutely can’t get enough of the F-35 and its low passes!

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