FSX B-36 Peacemaker startup and takeoff

FSX B-36 Peacemaker startup and takeoff | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Red Dragon

Awesome Startup and Takeoff

The Convair B-36 is a strategic bomber developed by Convair, and operated by the US Air Force from 1949 up to 1959. This plane features the longest wingspan of any combat aircraft ever built, and it was also the biggest mass-produced piston engine aircraft that was ever created.

The plane was iconic in the sense that it was instrumental in maintaining peace during Russia’s Cold War during the 1950s. US Army Air Corps specifications for this heavy, long-range nuclear bomber are that it should have a top speed of 450 mph, could carry a 10,000-bomb load, and could fly non-stop for approximately 12,000 miles.

This video features a good CGI presentation of the B-36B Pacemaker starting up and taking off in FSX. And what can we say, it looks and sounds awesome!

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