Gigantic Helicopter Picks Up A Damn Tank Like It’s Nothing

Gigantic Helicopter Picks Up A Damn Tank Like It’s Nothing | World War Wings Videos

(Gung Ho Vids/YouTube)

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If you are in the military then you know that you have to move around constantly. But then comes the need to move around the big equipment you bring along and for that, you need an even bigger vehicle. Fortunately to make those big moves they military has the perfect aircraft to give them a lift, the Sikorsky CH-53H Super Stallion.

This massive heavy-lift cargo helicopter is meant for going in and out of some pretty rugged areas. The Super Stallion has some serious hauling power and it seems like it can pick up just about anything. The CH-53H can pick up heavy vehicles of all kinds including tanks, humvees and even other helicopters from time to time.

“This helicopter can carry 37 troops. With centerline seats installed the Super Stallion can carry 55 soldiers. Alternatively, it can carry cargo with a maximum weight of 13.6 t internally and 14.5 t on external load. It is capable of lifting LAV-25 armored vehicle or M198 155 mm field howitzer with crew and ammunition. It can recover aircraft up to its own size.”

So if you want a demonstration of just how it easily it hauls tanks just check out this video.

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