Guy Films Probably The Best Mach Loop Flyby Of All Time

Guy Films Probably The Best Mach Loop Flyby Of All Time | World War Wings Videos

planes_daily.ig / Facebook

Tell Us We’re Wrong.

We’ve shown you folks plenty of videos from the Mach Loop but never anything like this. This might just be the best spot on those hills, but then again, we’ve sadly never been there so what do we know.

The Mach Loop is a mountinous area in Wales where both the RAF and the USAF practice low-level flight.

We do know just about every Mach Loop video that is online, however. We’ve Googled and YouTubed almost all of the footage that’s out there, but now we have a new video platform. Facebook.

This video was floating around embedded in an aviation group called FlyingHumans and it’s spectacular, to say the least. F-15s are one of our favorite modern jet fighters and seeing that thing whip around the corner mere feet from someone is just mesmerizing. Check out the video for yourself.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll get goosebumps down your spine just like we did.

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