Guy Lines Up For A C-17 Buzz-Job Of A Lifetime

Guy Lines Up For A C-17 Buzz-Job Of A Lifetime | World War Wings Videos


These Videos Never Get Old.

This one’s for the books. Someone caught a C-17 Globemaster III on approach and did it perfectly right. We’ve seen a bunch of these videos, but this one is definitely the best so far.

It was uploaded by a Youtube user who calls himself “Cargospotter.” As the name indicates, he spots, well, cargo planes. While we went through his channel we saw that he has a lot of videos of commercial cargo planes, but this one caught our eye. You might know why, as it’s quite an epic USAF aircraft.

This guy has a lot of videos uploaded on that channel and it’s clear to see he knows what they’re doing. Although taken back in 2012, this video is crystal clear. Also, there isn’t much shakiness as in every other video on Youtube it seems, so you get to enjoy one nice overpass while this beast comes down to do a touch-and-go.

While we’re on that, let’s give you some specs of the plane if you’re not familiar. C-17s are built by a collaboration of McDonnell Douglas and Boeing and were first introduced to the USAF in 1995. There were 279 of them built so far and they’re used by three other air forces around the world. As for their payload, they can haul up to 170,900 lbs. of cargo/equipment. Massive is what comes to mind, but then again, there’s the C-5 Galaxy.

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