Here’s A Rare Look At A WWII Aichi E13A That Went Down In Palau

Here’s A Rare Look At A WWII Aichi E13A That Went Down In Palau | World War Wings Videos

Leigh Morris / YouTube

All To Himself.

Vacations are great, but we’ve all been in situations where you want to go and see something cool, but there are tons of people already there. It takes a lot of the fun out of what you’re doing, but in the case of this video, the guy got lucky.

We found this video on Leigh Morris’ YouTube channel (we’re assuming that’s him,) and in the description, he wrote that he got a full hour to himself around the plane. Palau being a pretty touristy location, that’s almost unheard of. Especially when you’re exploring such a historic sight like he was.

The plane in the video is a Japanese Aichi E13A. It was a reconnaissance seaplane which was used between 1941 and 1945 capable of carrying three crewmembers and about 550 pounds of bombs if necessary. Over 1,400 of them were produced during the war but there are no airworthy or even static examples of them anywhere in the world. You can find many underwater such as the one in the video (there are numerous sites you can visit). Japan did recover one but it’s in very poor condition.

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