Watch A Stunt Pilot Race His SNJ-6 Texan Against A Ford GT-40R

Watch A Stunt Pilot Race His SNJ-6 Texan Against A Ford GT-40R | World War Wings Videos / YouTube

Don’t Know Which I Like Better.

As a collective on this page of World War Wings, all of us love vintage warbirds. This also leads us to believe that many of us might have a love for vintage cars as well. There’s just that sentiment that goes along with both. Cars, of course, didn’t help win World War II but history aside, we have a feeling that you folks will appreciate this video as much as we did.

This video was filmed at the 2017 Jessie James Outlaw Airshow. Held at Excelsior Springs, MO, this event attracts people from all around. This year they had a Warthog around, Kyle Franklin (drunk pilot routine guy), a B-52 Mitchell and many other attractions.

What we think stole this show is this clip, however. A ’66 Ford GT-40R got to speed on the runway only to be passed, and quickly we might add, by an SNJ-6. This bird, by the way, was built in 1945.

As for aviator behind the stick, it was Jeff Shetterly. For those of you who don’t know, he’s been in the airshow circuit for my years and has so far flown 95 different types of aircraft. All in all, as you’ll see in a second here, he knows how to fly.

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