How Much Do You Actually Know About P-38 Lightnings?

How Much Do You Actually Know About P-38 Lightnings? | World War Wings Videos

Awesome Plane, But What Do You Really Know About It?

A couple of weeks ago we sent you all a poll asking what plane was your favorite. It was very subjective. We didn’t really want anyone going into details about engines, kill-to-loss ratios and all that. We just wanted to know which one you liked. This could have been answered even according to looks, although a lot of you were much more technical than that (no surprise there.)

When we got our stats from the poll, over 10,000 of you took it. First off, we wanted to say thanks for that. Secondly, P-38s came in 3rd, which is why we chose to do this quiz. After this, we’ll move on to the number 2 spot and later the top plane you selected. (We’ll keep those a secret for now, just for fun.)

Now, let’s see what you know about these awesome warbird. Enjoy and as always, show us those results so we know how you did!

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