How Much Do You Actually Know About WW2 Planes? Pt.5

How Much Do You Actually Know About WW2 Planes? Pt.5 | World War Wings Videos

Warbird Pinups

We’re At It Again.

So far we came out with about 10 different quizzes and you guys have been crushing them for the most part. There were a couple that you had trouble with (especially with the statistics) but when it comes to identifying World War II planes you guys are pretty solid.

We’re constantly thinking of what new things to ask you to either challenge you or teach you something new. The feedback so far has been very positive. Even when we stump you on some questions, you guys seem to be good sports and actually thank us for reminding you about some things.

For this installment, we did a combination of questions that pertain to designations, parts of planes as well as other tidbits. Hopefully it’d be more challenging.

As always, share your results so we know how you did in the comments section. Also, if you have any ideas for particular quizzes or types of questions, also put those in the comments. They actually help us a lot when we’re coming up with these.

Thanks and enjoy!

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