How To Fly The B-25 Mitchell Bomber (1944)

How To Fly The B-25 Mitchell Bomber (1944) | World War Wings Videos

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I’d be lying if I say I’m not a huge fan of the North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber and it’s always been a dream to fly this thing. And this is probably my most favorite video to date. All the information you need on how to fly the mighty and iconic twin-engine medium bomber is here. Anyway, it’s an amazing aircraft and if you noticed, it stalled nicely. Didn’t expect that one huh?

Okay then.  I know how to control this beast, can I have my B-25 now? I seriously want one. Think about it, when you’re all stressed out, you just go inside the cockpit and start flying this bird. Remember what the narrator said, “A good pilot always starts the right engine first.” That’s the first rule and probably the only thing I can recall. LOL. There’s surely a lot of stuff you need to remember. So much respect for the pilots. Hats off!

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