Shooting The Biggest Rifle In The World

Shooting The Biggest Rifle In The World | World War Wings Videos

Knight Rifles

Meet The Largest Caliber Rifle Ever Made

If you must know, .950 JDJ rounds are way stronger than about 10 .30 rifles. Just look at these guys trying to shoot with it. Can I say fantastically powerful? Before and after firing the gun, you’ll have the same thought: it’s one scary weapon. Yep, you don’t mess around with it. And besides, its massive bullet is being propelled by, wait for it, 240 grains of powder! Holy cow!

Loaded .950 JDJ cases are approximately the length of an empty .50 BMG casing (i.e., 4 in or 10 cm), and are based on a 20×102mm case shortened and necked up to accept the .950 in (24.1 mm) bullet.[1] Projectiles are custom-made and most commonly weigh 3,600 grains (230 g) which is 8.2 ounces or over half a pound.

SSK Industries, the company behind this massive beast, created only three rifles which can fire the rounds. Oh and each round is priced at $40 but let’s admit it, it’s worth every cent.

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