Huge RC B-29 Crash After Pilot Loses Control

Huge RC B-29 Crash After Pilot Loses Control | World War Wings Videos


Literally, Holy Smokes!

This video is somewhere between sad and fantastic. We say this because losing $60,000 worth of fun is a terrible thing to have happen to you, but at the same time when in life would you ever be able to see this? That’s right, it’s a once in a lifetime type of deal.

To begin, let’s take a look at this beauty. It was built by Gordon Nichols, a man who loves his Rcs and he loves them big. He built this B-52 which cost his a pretty penny, but first and foremost he should be congratulated for building one of the best and sleekest looking bombers of all time.

Here are some of her specs:

  • It’s a 1/8 scale model
  • 24 foot wingspan
  • 23 feet long
  • Weighs 330 lbs. with fuel
  • Has 12 lbs. of thrust

As you’ll see, this Rc is massive, but so is the hole it left on the ground. In the video you’ll see it go down, but it does so behind some trees and a house, so we hunted down the pictures of the aftermath. It’s quite a big hole!

As for the crash, here’s what we know. The day this B-52 flew it was pretty windy and well as dark and cloudy. The pilot lost his orientation when performing a pass and reversed the controls. Then came the unrecoverable spin.

Here’s it is caught on camera.

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