Ukrainian Overhead Passes Are Much, Much…Different

Ukrainian Overhead Passes Are Much, Much…Different | World War Wings Videos

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That Must Have Been A Thrill For All Involved.

This is one of those videos that give you chills down your back. Now, lately we’ve been hearing some of you (probably about 2%) saying that we’re being irresponsible by showing low flybys of both World War II planes and jets. We’ve been told that we’re “promoting unsafe flying practices” by distributing these sort of videos. We know it’s not the opinion of many of you, but we figured we’d address it.

A couple of things here. One, we don’t promote nor request anyone mowing their lawn with their planes. People already do that themselves. We’re just here on our end, browsing the web looking for some interesting videos or stories to show you. Sometimes we come across flybys and we really don’t care what people think. They’re exciting as hell. Period. 

This one is particularly exciting as it took place in the Ukraine. Regulations are probably a bit different there, which is why this pilot got within a few feet of both the ground and his buddies’ heads. It was fast. It was low. It was awesome.

We’ll also want to note that this was done in a MiG-29, a plane that has a top speed of 1,490 mph and a service ceiling of about 60,000 ft. This thing’s a beast.

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