Incredible Look At A 24-Ft. Lego D-Day Diorama That’s Out Of This World

Incredible Look At A 24-Ft. Lego D-Day Diorama That’s Out Of This World | World War Wings Videos

Beyond the Brick / Facebook

The folks over at the facebook page Beyond the Brick built one of the neatest dioramas we’ve seen in a long time. Their page is dedicated to sharing “amazing Lego creations from around the world,” and as you’d expect, they didn’t disappoint us by making this World War II scene.

Here’s an actual photograph of British troops are seen here landing on the beaches of Normandy, France on the 6 of June 1944. | MOD/MOD / Public Domain

Paying homage to D-Day, they put together an incredible scene using hundreds of thousands of Lego pieces. The video is 12 minutes long so feel free to skip around, but the guy behind the camera does a really great job talking about the history of that day. They really tried to keep the diorama as close to reality as possible, building the ships and fortifications like they were during that day.

A long view of the Lego representation of D-Day. | Beyond the Brick / Facebook

There was a tremendous amount of thought and detail put into this thing, so take your time to really soak it in. For a Lego set, it has a lot of emotions attached to it believe it or not.

As the guy states in the video, this is the last time they built this piece as they rebuilt it everytime they go to display it. Next, they’re planning to build a massive aircraft carrier and they’ll need many of this parts of this diorama to accomplish that feat.

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