Incredible P-51 Footage- Gorgeous Plane

Incredible P-51 Footage- Gorgeous Plane | World War Wings Videos

Blue Mustang

The Louisiana Kid has got to be one of the best-looking P-51Ds in existence. You’d never expect it to be almost 80 years old with how well it was maintained by its previous owners. 

So well, in fact, that it survived a crash in 1963 and was completely rebuilt as a result. In 1978, it was sold to Donald Weber who flew and maintained the Louisiana Kid for 35 years. Weber finally sold the aircraft to William Heinz in 2012. After a year of waiting for it, the aircraft was sent to Europe, where it received further repairs.

Nowadays, we can see the Louisiana Kid in videos such as this, thanks to its owners, who treated the veteran plane with care and respect.

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