This Infographic Comparing Sizes Of Nuclear Clouds Is Absolutely Mindblowing

Hope It Never Comes To That.

Since another world war is a big thing we’re hearing about nowadays, we figured we’d make this little infographic not to scare any of you, but possibly put into perspective that a nuclear war is probably not going to happen. The stakes are just too great and with the world being loaded with thousands of nukes, no one is going to be firing them. It’s just not good for the survival of the entire planet.

Today, there are about 15,000 nuclear warheads worldwide.-Ploughshares Fund Study

It is quite an interesting topic to see visualized though. We first compared the mushroom cloud sizes of the first two bombs dropped, namely Little Boy and Fat Man, during World War II and compared them to everyday factoids we can all comprehend and relate to. 

We also went a step further and found the biggest nuclear mushroom clouds created by both the United States and Russia, as they were the leaders in this research. What we found was pretty scary.

Check out the video and see those mushroom cloud sizes for yourself.

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