It’s Not A UFO, But An F-111 Dump And Burn At Night–Awesome

It’s Not A UFO, But An F-111 Dump And Burn At Night–Awesome | World War Wings Videos


That Was Pretty Spectacular.

We can thank Australia for this little gem. We’re not sure how this came to be as it didn’t really seem like this was some sort of an airshow. There were actually no other planes around from what we saw. Either way, be it random or part of a show, it’s the first video of its kinda that we saw.

To sum it up, we’ve seen F-111 Aardvarks do a dump and burn before. If you don’t know what that is, we’ll go over it in just a second. What we never saw however, is that being done at night. It’s far more spectacular. Plus, the people who filmed it were on a balcony of a tall building, so the whole thing took place in a city. Extra cool points for that.

As or a dump and burn, it’s exactly what it sounds like. An aircraft releases its fuel from a nozzle and then it ignites. Passenger aircraft typically have these on on the back of their wings, but in the case of the F-111, it’s located between the jets. That’s the reason that they can perform this spectacular dump and burn, which as you’ll see, looks amazing at night.

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