Largest 4x Turbine RC Concorde

Largest 4x Turbine RC Concorde | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / RCHeliJet

Otto Widlroither from Germany brings this massive Concorde, the most powerful RC airplane, it looks absolutely marvelous up in the air. This self-made kit has spent approximately a year in computer construction planning, and two years of building, and the result is this stunning build.

The model’s entire length reaches almost 33 feet, and its wingspan is over 4 meters long. The take-off weight is 149 kg. and has a fuel tank capacity of 4 liters. Meanwhile, its fuselage and wings are made of carbon fibre sandwich.

Overall, it is definitely a nice homage to one of the most beautiful passenger planes in existence. Not to mention, the model had fantastic piloting in the video as well- it had excellent takeoff, flight, and landing.

Enjoy watching this fantastic Concorde fly. Check it out below!

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