Learjet Pulls Insanely Low Ribbon Cutting Between Two Hoverboards

Learjet Pulls Insanely Low Ribbon Cutting Between Two Hoverboards | World War Wings Videos


Make The Cut.

Everybody loves ribbon cutting ceremonies, well not really they are actually pretty boring. You sit around for a while listening to people talk while they hold a pair of oversized scissors waiting to slice a red ribbon. Now if only there was a more exciting way to do it, well you just have to add a Learjet to the equation.


Captain Roger Munoz is the Director and Founder of Flyers Team operating out of Guadalajara, Mexico. He pilots a bright red Learjet that has a reputation for insanely low flybys. He always knows that his dangerously low passes always draw a huge crowd and never cease to impress. So it makes perfect sense that he should be brought in to a ribbon cutting ceremony to get the party started.

At an event called State Of Mexico To The Max where extreme sports a widely celebrated they brought in Capi Munoz to kick things off. To make things even more interesting they brought in two guys to hold up the ribbon while on water-powered hoverboards. So if you want some extreme action with some low flying jets then you are in the right place to see it.

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