Life On The Flight Deck Of The USS Bataan – A Harrier Lover’s Paradise

Life On The Flight Deck Of The USS Bataan – A Harrier Lover’s Paradise | World War Wings Videos

Sgt. Matthew Callahan

All Jets On Deck.

The USS Bataan is one of eight Wasp-class amphibious assault ships in service to the United States Navy. The ship measures 844 feet in length while supporting a personnel of over 3,200 sailors and marines. The USS Bataan is also the first Navy vessel specifically designed to house female personnel and has a hospital for up to 600 individuals.

The deck of the USS Bataan is booming with activity and can support over 20 military vehicles. The USS Bataan houses a wide array of aircraft including V-22 Ospreys, SH-60 Seahawks, and McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier jets. The iconic AV-8B Harrier jets have a habit of being the standout aircraft on the decks of navy vessels.

“LHDs can accommodate the full range of Navy and Marine Corps helicopters, conventional landing craft and amphibious vehicles, along with all of the tanks, vehicles, artillery, ammunition and other supplies necessary to fully support the assault force.”

The US Navy released this high-definition footage of the constant activity on the flight deck of the USS Bataan. If you love the Navy, helicopters or the amazing takeoffs of Harrier jets you can’t miss this.

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