Massive RC Jet Hovers With Its Thrust Vectoring Nozzles–Crazy Design

Massive RC Jet Hovers With Its Thrust Vectoring Nozzles–Crazy Design | World War Wings Videos

Nice Piece Of Work Right There.

To be quite honest, we’re pretty new to remote controlled planes. When we started doing what we’re doing now, we were pretty much World War II planes fans. We then broadened our horizons when our community grew and started including modern aircraft as well as other aviation related topics. One of them was Rc flying.

Learning over the past year has been fun. Starting out just looking at videos and sharing the cool ones with you, our fans, we now know a lot more. From massive B-17 Flying Fortresses to V-22 Ospreys, we thought we’ve seen everything. That ended up not being true.

We just found this video you’re about to watch. In the picture it looked like a nice, big Su-35. While watching the video however, we started scratching out heads. The thing started hovering. Being the people that we are, we immediately started researching it.

Made by a company called Freewing, this SU-35 can hover because it has thrust vectoring nozzles. Yes, you read that right. While you’re flying this thing you can angle the nozzle so that your model can literally hover. It does however, take a lot of skill.

Hope you find this just as cool as we did.



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