Shooting the Monstrously Powerful Quad M134 Minigun

Shooting the Monstrously Powerful Quad M134 Minigun | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Military Archive


The Big Sandy Shoot in Arizona last September was heralded as the largest civilian machine gun shooting event in the world – and it delivered!

During the event, spectators were able to watch this extremely powerful quad M134 Minigun unleashed on the shooting range.

YouTube / Military Archive

These NATO-standard M134 Miniguns are six-barrel 7.62mm-cal rotary machine guns that can fire between 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute. The one you’re watching, however, is actually 4 M134s mounted on a WW2-era Maxson M45 quadruple machine gun mount.

YouTube / Military Archive

According to Dillon Precision Products, the company that brought the huge minigun, each M134 was firing at approximately 3,000 rpm. This equates to a rate of fire of around 12,000 rounds per minute for one gun.

Each minigun was linked to a mag that holds 3,000 rounds, too. With each firing 3,000 rpm, it would then only take about a minute to empty the mags!

YouTube / Military Archive

Still, the company “only” ended up shooting 24,000 rounds since loading these guns up can be a taxing task.

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