One of the BEST F-35 Passes in the Mach Loop

One of the BEST F-35 Passes in the Mach Loop | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Darren Edwards Aviation

So Majestic!

The F-35’s development program has had its shortcomings, but the results speak for themselves. These 5th-generation fighter jets can easily impress crowds by using their agility and maneuverability to perform aerial maneuvers like no other.

YouTube / Darren Edwards Aviation

You can see just how agile the warbird is in this video taken in the Mach Loop. For those unaware, the Mach Loop is a set of valleys situated between Dolgellau and Machynlleth, Wales. This stretch of land is part of a training area used by the RAF, USAF, and other European nations during British-led exercises.

In addition, the Mach Loop is also a very popular place for photographers and aviation enthusiasts to see military aircraft flying below them. With how excellent this footage turned out to be, no wonder it’s one of the best places to go to!

YouTube / Darren Edwards Aviation

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