Maiden Flight Of Bf-109 With A DB 605 Engine

Maiden Flight Of Bf-109 With A DB 605 Engine | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Warbirds

Distinct Engine Sound

Spectators lined up to witness the maiden flight of this Messerschmitt Bf-109 G6. The former Luftwaffe aircraft was delivered to Germany in 1944, where it was flown by Fighter Group 27 when it crashed around Austria on May 29th that year. 

YouTube / Warbirds

The restoration project for the aircraft was started by Michael Rinner back in 2007, but Air Flight Academy assumed responsibility in 2013 and restored the aircraft’s airworthiness in the summer of 2018.

Powered by the original Daimler Benz DB605A V12 engine, this Bf-109 was a treat to watch start up and fly. You can catch its engine start at the 8-minute mark. Ready your headphones first, though!

YouTube / Warbirds

The engine’s immediate growl at the start as it smoothly goes to idle was a phenomenal listen. It’s no slouch in the air, too. Check out the 11:28 mark of the video to watch the Bf-109’s amazing aerial display performance.


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