Last Two Airworthy Lancasters Starts Up And Takes Off

Last Two Airworthy Lancasters Starts Up And Takes Off | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / andy lannie

What A Treat!

Seeing one Avro Lancaster is more than enough. After all, only seventeen out of 7,377 Lancasters have survived since WWII. But out of the 17 still persisting, only two are airworthy today. These two Lancasters are both featured in the video – complete with their engine startups, takeoffs, and landings.

The first Lancaster is RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s Thumper (PA474). It was initially built as a B Mk 1 variant and served as a strategic bomber with the British Tiger Force in the Far East near the end of the war.

Just two years ago, this 80-year-old veteran underwent major maintenance and overhauls that took 10 months in total.

The other plane, named Vera (FM213), was built as the Mk. X but did not see combat during the war. Instead, the aircraft wears the livery of KB726 today in honor of 419 Squadron’s Andrew Mynarski.

Watching these two bombers share the skies once more is undoubtedly an amazing sight. Check them out below!

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