P-51 Mustang Startup

P-51 Mustang Startup | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / TC's Aviation Studio

We can all agree that Mustangs are one of the most gorgeous fighter aircraft ever built, but nothing really beats the sound of a starting Mustang engine! YouTube channel TC’s Aviation Studio recently uploaded a clip of a P-51 Mustang setting to take flight.

The startup sound of the Mustang is music to some of the ears of our aircraft enthusiast. It’s like having to hear your lawn mower start as you get ready for the summer season.

Aside from the sound, it’s also incredible to see how the propellers slowly moves and speeds up and slows down again as a cloud of smoke puffs and finally begins to draw fuel into the combustion chamber.

Some Mustangs rise up faster than the others, while some makes you wait a little longer before it could take off. You can watch the video below and hear the amazing sound of the starting P-51 Mustang.

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