P-63A Airacobra Does A Low Pass

P-63A Airacobra Does A Low Pass | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / The Traveling Tech Guy

A Vintage Flyby

Judging from this performance, you’d never guess that this aircraft has been operational since the 1940s. 

Built in 1943, this P-63 Airacobra had been a staple in air races starting from the ‘40s up to the ‘80s. As you can see, this Airacobra had no problems maneuvering mid-air! 

The old warbird gave everyone a vintage performance by performing a low pass over the unsuspecting crowd before pulling up into the clouds.

Unfortunately, this Airacobra met its end during the tragic November 2022 Dallas airshow collision. This plane, a B-17 bomber, and six other people’s lives were lost during the incident. May their crews rest in peace.

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