F-35A Demo Team Shows Off At Sun ‘n Fun 2023

F-35A Demo Team Shows Off At Sun ‘n Fun 2023 | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / MarkMon Productions

As Good As Advertised

We’ve always heard of the F-35’s excellent maneuverability – but we’ve seldom seen how good it actually is.

This F-35A Demo Team was at Sun ‘n Fun 2023 to showcase the Lightning II’s aerial prowess. The fighter can be seen rolling on both sides several times in quick succession with no problems. It almost felt robotic at some point!

If that wasn’t enough, the pilot also decided to climb back up and loop for one last time. 

That’s how you end a performance!

Have you seen the F-35 in action in person? Does it live up to its name? Tell us in the comments below.

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