PBY – Catalina: cockpit view

PBY – Catalina: cockpit view | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / JustinCaseBR

Flying Boat!

Have you ever wondered how it would be aboard the PBY 5a Catalina as it taxis on a body of water and finally takes off in the air? Well, this footage would give you a glimpse of what it would be like aboard this mighty aircraft.

The PBY 5a Catalina is an amphibious aircraft and flying boat that was developed during the 1930s and the 1940s. During WWII, it was one of the most widely used seaplanes.

The video features a cockpit view of the PBY 5a Catalina as it did a water taxi and subsequent take-off on Lake Taupo. We just absolutely love the mighty sound of the engines before taking off! It’s probably one of the best-sounding radial planes we’ve ever heard.

What do you think about this phenomenal flying boat?

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